The Thor Laser

May 9, 2017

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT, as it is know, is a versatile and effective treatment for pain or discomfort in your pet. LLLT treats arthritis, joint pain, wounds, and fractures. It is a benefit to the pet by reducing pain, reducing the amount of drugs needed, making joints function better, and it helps with quicker recovery time after surgery.

LLLT works by light working on the cells surrounding the painful area, and bringing more oxygen into the area causing distress. This in turn stimulates the body’s own responses to help with healing and pain suppression. The LLLT also stimulates the body’s stem cell producing centers. This means new tissues will be produced to help heal the damaged area. LLLT also reduces the production of chemicals that cause the inflammation and pain. This helps the body reestablish normal function.

The LLLT works in a 4-5 step process, just like taking medicine that works on the body over time to effect change. LLLT will stimulate pain suppression response anywhere from 1-4 hours after treatment. In other words the pet is feeling better in a matter of hours after the first treatment. The pet will need less drug therapy in the long run to help with their situation and LLLT has no side effects.

The LLLT treatment time is based on the issue the pet has. The veterinarian will determine from the suggested treatment what will work best for your pet’s situation. Expect several times a week for the first month, and then as little as every 4-6 weeks as time goes on.

We can treat the following conditions; any type of joint issues, including knees, hips, elbows, and spine, degenerative and acute disc disease, ligament or tendon issues, wound healing, post surgery healing, some ophthalmic disorders, renal disease, and cystitis

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