Hoiliday Safety Tips

December 22, 2014


The holidays are upon us and it is time for good cheer and lots of fun. With that comes safety hazards for our furry friends. Here is a quick list if things to remember this holiday season to keep your pets happy and healthy.

The Christmas Tree:

  • Tinsel and string
  • Make sure your tree is secure especially if your cats have claws
  • Place breakable ornaments¬† up high
  • Don’t let pets drink Christmas tree water
  • Keep an eye on your electric light and cords
  • Keep packages with “good” smells away from the tree
  • Don’t let your pets eat ribbon. It can cut through their stomachs like a saw.

Plants to avoid:

  • ¬†holly
  • poinsettias
  • lilies
  • mistletoe


  • No cooked bones
  • Keep your dinner out of reach of pets
  • Avoid high fat scraps
  • Give you pet a toy or treat during your meal


  • Long lasting chews
  • Splurge on cat nip
  • These can be a great distraction for your pets as you enjoy your holidays


Your pets are part of your family. Spend quality time with them and show them how much you appreciate them.


Happy Holidays!!




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