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August 23, 2010


Dr. House graduated from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1976. He spent 1 1/2 years post graduation as a faculty member at the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In 1978 he began practicing in the northwest suburban Chicago area.

Dr. House founded the Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital in 1985 and by 1989, the first time it was eligible, the hospital became an accredited member of the prestigious American Animal Hospital Association of which only 18% of all animals hospitals are members.

In 1989, Dr. House became board certified and a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). Veterinary medicine in the United States is dividied between general practitioners and those that have become “board certified”. The board certified veterinarians are the only ones that are allowed to use the word “specialist” in their advertising. The advanced training, continuing education commitments and a difficult examination process has limited the number of clinical veterinarians with board certification to just 2% of the total number of practicing DVM’s.

In 1997, Dr. House became board certified for a second time within the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. His board certification this time was in the Feline Species. There are only 53 board certified “Feline Specialists” in the United States and Dr. House is one of only 3 veterinarians in the country to be dual certified, twice, by the ABVP. He has served as a mentor for other veterinarians that are striving to achieve board certification status.

Dr. House and Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital have been the leader in the introduction of new technology into veterinary medicine in the Northwest suburbs. In 1989 Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital was one of the first hospitals to begin using diagnostic ultrasound. In 1999, this hospital did the first MRI on pets in the Chicago area. In 2004 Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital installed it’s own CT scanner and in 2010, in conjunction with a human out-patient facility, has begun doing Open MRI.

Dr. House’s primary interests are the fields of oncology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology and ultrasonography. He works closely with leading specialists in cardiology that consult with this practice 4 times a year. In addition, he performs ultrasound exams and echocardiograms for other veterinarians in the area. He is a member of AVMA, CVMA, ABVP, the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society and American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. House maintains an active lifestyle outside the practice.




Hoffnan Estates Animal Hospital Ribbon cutting Ceremony

Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility providing a lifetime of love and care for your pet. The hospital prides itself on the experience they have acquired over the past 26 years and the strides they have made in the areas of technology and advanced treatment methods.




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